Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Prevent Embarrassing Armpit Stains - Business

Sweating at the gym or after you've been for a run is natural and often welcomed as a sign that you've had a great workout. But sweating when you are sitting on the train, at work, or when you're on a date is not welcome, and it can cause you considerable stress and unhappiness. When you sweat excessively, you often produce armpit stains -- circles of moisture that spread from your armpits into your shirt or T-shirt. Armpit stains are very visible, they look unsightly, and many people assume that you are feeling nervous. Excessive sweating can be a cause of much embarrassment, whether you are at home or at work. There are ways to prevent excessive sweat staining your clothes and your armpits becoming stained. One less-than-practical way to guard against revealing armpit stains is to walk with your arms closely trapped against your sides. However, as you can imagine, this is not exactly ideal -- it does limit your movements, and your life, in significant ways.

You can try wearing loose, comfortable clothing. If you wear a tight shirt or a tight top, your clothes will be stuck closely to your armpits, and sweat will show as a stain beneath your arms. Wear cotton fabric; cotton breathes and soaks up the sweat and traps it, without transferring it back to the fabric under your arms. Polyester fabric blends tend to trap heat and make you sweat more. There are also several new types of fabric that are designed to be light-weight and good-looking. If you work in an office with a casual dress code, these types of fabric are ideal for showcasing your store. Wear dark colors, as they tend to hide sweat marks better than white or light clothes.

Another solution to excessive sweating and sweaty armpits is the cotton sweat shield undershirt. While you may think that adding an extra layer of clothing will make you hotter and less comfortable, a specially designed undershirt prevents the problem of overheating and also helps trap the sweat within the undershirt, preventing it from causing problems. A specially designed sweat shield undershirt is much more comfortable than wearing a regular vest underneath your clothes. The undershirt is longer and can be tucked into the pants to prevent it rising up and bunching under your armpits. The undershirt is also made of a thin fabric which cuts down the extra bulk and makes it look like you are wearing nothing at all under your shirt.

Armpits stains


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